Highways Improvement Plan

To read about the Highway Improvement Plan (HIP), click on image below:


Update September 2023:

Information Gathering Completed
Three information gathering events took place in Cranbrook and Sissinghurst on 7 and 8 July. We asked residents to come along and submit details of issues that they would like to see addressed. Thank you to everyone who attended these events. People came from all over the parish, from Flishinghurst to Three Chimneys. We collected 35 individual forms on the weekend and have received more since. Common themes were:
• Stone Street, Cranbrook
• Common Road, Sissinghurst
• The Street, Sissinghurst
• The Hill, Cranbrook

Digesting the information
We will take away all the suggestions that you have given to us. The suggestions will be put into a draft plan using the KCC required format. We will discuss the draft plan with KCC to understand fully the issues: complexities of schemes, what further development work may be required (e.g. traffic surveys), costs and prospects of delivery.

 Creating the plan
The hard work then begins as we start costing everything.
We will need to assess the work involved in further surveys – volumes of traffic, incidents of injury or death, volume and extent of speeding and so on.
The parish council will prioritise the schemes, looking at those with the greatest impact and the most likelihood of success.
A further draft plan will be produced which will come back out to the community for discussion and consultation.
The finalised plan will then be submitted to KCC.


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