Covid19 Response

At this time of national emergency, Cranbrook and Sissinghurst Parish Council is focused on safeguarding the vulnerable people in our parish.

If you are in a vulnerable group (if you are pregnant, elderly or have an underlying health condition):

You must follow the government’s advice and isolate yourself.

If you require support to do this, please reach out and accept help where it is offered by local family or neighbours if it is safe to do so.

You can also order essential food and pharmaceutical provision on the numbers on this link.

If you need support but cannot access it already:

for Cranbrook residents, please call, 0300 770 2262 or email Please be ready to explain what help you will need. We will match your needs with a local volunteer.

for Sissinghurst residents, please call: Andy Fairweather on 07976 290185 or Penny Durie on 07971 518084.

As we prepare for the pandemic peak, we urgently need more volunteers. If you are fit and healthy and are not in a vulnerable group, please consider stepping forward to help those in your community who need it most, by calling 0300 770 2262 or emailing

Please also be advised that for your own safety, all play areas including the skate park are closed until further notice. This is because the virus can stay alive on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours.

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