Covid19 Response

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Whilst the Covid19 pandemic has not been as impactful as many feared, we must remain alert to the risk of a second wave, so that we control the virus and save lives.

The Parish Council will continue to receive calls on our normal telephone number 01580 713112 and email in case there is a resurgence. We will also maintain the network of helpers who have worked every day to volunteer, man phones, deliver food and shopping, fetch prescriptions and much more. 

Almost all Cranbrook and Sissinghurst businesses have now reopened. Please prioritise shopping locally so that together we rebuild our local economy and enable it to thrive.

The Parish Council is working closely with Tunbridge Wells and Kent County Council to ensure our community receives available support. We have distributed posters to shops to help with re-opening. In consultation with local businesses we have decided not to make our pavements one way or to withdraw parking in the High Street, or impose a one-way system, in the belief that residents will behave respectfully to each other and be mindful of our safety. We will continue to monitor this situation and to take soundings from residents and businesses on any necessary steps. 

We are grateful to the large majority of parishioners who continue to demonstrate good sense and respect for others; and particularly to all those many parishioners who have helped others in so many other capacities over recent months.

Playgrounds are now open but with new playground rules:

  • Please continue to follow the Government rules on social distancing and stay 1m+ apart from others, and 2m if possible.
  • Please wait until it’s your turn to play and don’t overcrowd the playground.
  • Limit your time to allow others to play.                                                                                             
  • One household at a time on the multi-play units please.
  • Please use your hand sanitizer before and after using the play equipment. We advise to wipe the equipment at touch points before use if possible.  Please dispose wipes/gloves in the bins provided.
  • Washing your hands is one of easiest ways to protect yourself and others from the virus.  Avoid touching your face before your hands are washed.  As soon as you can, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Please do not consume food or drink in the playground.

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