Cranbrook and Sissinghurst Parish Council has appointed five committees to undertake work on behalf of the council.

Planning and Preservation Management has delegated responsibilities to make decisions of behalf of the council.

The remaining four committees advise the council, and decisions are ratified by Full Council.

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Policy and Resources Development

Aim: To promote best value policies and to deliver a professional approach for all council contracts.
To strive for continuous improvement in the way the council exercises its functions and to promote the aims and objectives of the Parish Council. The purpose of this Committee is simply to oversee the activities and expenditure of the Parish Council; including finances, staffing and administration. This committee is comprised of the chairpersons of the other committees.

• Budget Planning – Budget Monitoring. Creating a budget programme that ensures clarity of accounts, budgeted expenditure and draft the annual precept for agreement by Full Council.
• Five Year Plan.
• Responsibility for all financial matters including banking.
• Responsibility for Annual Audit.
• Create, manage and maintain all Parish Council Policies including Health & Safety.
• Review all procedures, statutory instruments, policies and insurance premiums annually.
• Ensure the retention of the Quality Parish Council status.
• Grants Management.
• Create and maintain information flow on available grants.
• Responsibility for Parish Council Staff, Pensions, Salaries and National Insurance Contributions.
• Member and Staff training and development.
• Responsibility for Parish Council contracts.
• Manage Parish Warden role and duties.
• Develop positive relationships with surrounding Parishes/TWBC/KCC/KALC/etc.
• Emergency Planning.
• Promotion of the Parish Council.
• Duties as a Landlord.
• Responsibility for Parish Council as Trustees.

Properties and Burials

Aim: To effectively manage Properties and Burial Grounds to maximize benefit from same.

• Cemetery and burial grounds management:
Cranbrook Cemetery & Chapel at Golford, Sissinghurst Cemetery & War Memorial, St. Dunstan’s Churchyard & Cranbrook War Memorial.
• Manage all Parish Council Properties:
Information Centre, Vestry Hall & Vestry Hall Cottage.
• Manage Tomlin, Murton Playing Field Trust Building – Angley Cottage.
• Manage all Bus Shelters, Benches and Notice Boards, The Pound at Wilsley Pound, Howitzer and Plough at War Memorial, Penny Farthing at Sissinghurst, Cycle Racks and two red telephone boxes.
• Five Year Plan and Budget.

Environmental Management

Aim: To safeguard and enhance the natural environment and character of Cranbrook & Sissinghurst Parish.

Oversee environmental issues for the Parish as set out below:

• Liaise with Borough and KCC Departments when necessary.
• Management of Health & Safety requirements (to include ROSPA inspections)
• Manage all Recreation Grounds, Allotments and Play Equipment.
• To monitor, review and develop the local footpath, bridleway and cycle path networks.
• Encourage recycling within the Parish and encourage litter reduction.
• Monitor street cleaning schedules.
• Monitor Parish Street lighting.
• Manage and develop Tree Warden role.
• Monitor Parish Byelaws.
• Encourage Parish enhancement.
• To liaise with KCC Highways on Parish highways issues including Licences.
• Manage car parks
• Five Year Plan and Budget.

Community Development

Aims: Promote events, tourism, social cohesion and facilitate community involvement

• Actively harness community involvement
• Encourage a programme of tourist attractions and events, art shows exhibitions and fairgrounds
• Liaise with outside bodies and the community regarding car parking and traffic issues
• Work with the Community Warden and the Police to deliver the best outcomes for the parish
• Engage actively with Parish Voluntary Organisations to improve the quality of life for our residents
• Development of transparent public consultation on the activities of the council
• Five Year Plan and Budget

Actions 2022/23:

  1. Develop effective liaison with outside bodies on car parking and traffic issues
  2. Create and develop Parish Voluntary Organisation liaison
  3. Develop a public consultation policy for the Council

Planning and Preservation Management

Aim: To safeguard and enhance the built environment and character of Cranbrook & Sissinghurst Parish.

• Maintain expertise in planning matters.
• Develop relationship with TWBC and KCC Planning Departments
• Consider and make comments on planning applications, appeals and other planning documents including consultations.
• Maintain regular liaison/discussions with CCAAC.
• Heritage and Conservation
• Represent Parish interests, monitor and forward recommendations for the Local Planning process.
• Consider the implications and applications of the Localism Bill and other legislation in relation to the Parish.
• Housing and other development – Assessment of needs, identification of sites and working with preferred partners to bring forward schemes.
• Five Year Plan and Budget.

Due to the large number of applications and the short time scale, a committee was set up by the Parish Council in 1974 to look at the plans, which is delegated to make recommendations to make recommendations to the Borough Council on behalf of the Council.


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