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February 2024

The Parish Council have submitted an application for One Public Estate (OPE) funding.

The need for OPE Funding – The project is currently tracking overbudget primarily due to inflationary costs on revenue and capital costs over the past few years which in addition to the rising Public Works Loan Board rates, has seen the viability of the project diminish. The Council are now seeking additional funding to try and close out these issues in order to give Councillors the confidence to proceed on the basis of the grant funding coming forwards.

This funding will provide good value for money to the project, as it will help to unlock the scheme and get it kick started through the pre-construction service agreement (PCSA). Once this work is complete, it will confirm the final value of the capital build that will be in line with the partners aspirations, that will enable construction to start on site.

To view the OPE application form, click here

To view the the supporting Details Form, click here


18th August 2022 The Parish Council will be reviewing that business case and procurement options for the proposed Community and Medical Centre. Should you wish to view the documents they can be found here: Business Case Procurement Options Report If you wish to attend the meeting the date, time and location are as follows:  

To view the Executive Summary click here

To view the Business case, click here

To view the Appendices, click here

To view the Risk Register, click here


NEWS 14th JANUARY 2021

Full Council Meeting – the Council approved the development of a new community and medical centre on Wilkes Field and adjoining land owned by the Council. The Project Board is authorised to engage all the necessary consultants and undertake all the necessary works including surveys to progress the project. The project will use the earmarked funds allocated to the project and any subsequent funds which are received towards the delivery of the project. Enter into all necessary legal agreements to secure the delivery of the centre. There will be a public engagement process throughout the Project. The project will seek further approval from the Council at the following milestones: RIBA stage 2 RIBA stage 3 Agreement of the amount and approach to the Public Works Loan Board. RIBA stage 4 RIBA stage 5

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