Declaration of Interests, Dispensations and Predetermination:

Members are required to declare any interests, dispensations or predetermination on items on this agenda. Members are reminded that changes to the Register of Interests should be notified to the Clerk.

Present:  Cllr. Bunyan (Chairman), Cllrs. Hatcher, Kings, Somers and Gilbert



Cranbrook School Waterloo Road Cranbrook Kent TN17 3JD

New two storey extension to existing squash court building to provide new changing rooms

The Parish Council recommended APPROVAL, proposed by Cllr. Bunyan, seconded by Cllr. Gilbert and agreed.



Cranbrook School Waterloo Road Cranbrook Kent TN17 3JD

The demolition and replacement of the existing Horsley Building with a new 2 storey building comprising 10 classrooms, staff offices, café, storage, plant and toilet facilities.

The Parish Council recommended APPROVAL, proposed by Cllr. Bunyan seconded by

Cllr. Somers and agreed.  The Parish Council suggested that an archeological watching brief should take place during the foundation stage.  Consideration should be given to solar gain and overheating on the South West elevation.



Cherry Tree Cottage Paley Lane Cranbrook Kent TN17 2NA

Demolition of the existing dwelling. Proposed replacement two-storey dwelling and associated garage with landscaping.

The Parish Council recommended APPROVAL, proposed by Cllr. Gilbert seconded by

Cllr. Hatcher and agreed.  The Parish Council would prefer all new dwellings to be built to passivhaus standard.



Glassenbury Forge Glassenbury Road Cranbrook Kent TN17 2QE

Alterations and relocation of approved garage

The Parish Council recommended APPROVAL, proposed by Cllr. Hatcher, seconded by

Cllr. Gilbert and agreed.



Crossways Common Road Sissinghurst Cranbrook Kent TN17 2AG

Outline application all matters reserved except for access. Erection of 3No. Self Build and Custom Build Dwellings with associated parking, internal roads and landscaping.

The Parish Council recommended REFUSAL for the following reasons:

  • Access – Highway Safety
  • Effect on listed buildings.
  • Outside the Limits to Build Development
  • The site and the glasshouses would appear to be curtilage listed and there is no Listed Building Application
  • There does not appear to be a biodiversity gain
  • The Parish Council has resisted development in the gap between Sissinghurst Village and the hamlet of Cranbrook Common including other proposed development sites to the north of the Frittenden Road
  • The Parish Council was not happy to see that should the plots not be sold to self/custom builders, they could be built and sold by the developer as market housing
  • Site not in TWBC Local Plan or Cranbrook and Sissinghurst emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan.
  • The Parish Council agree with the comments submitted by TWBC Conservation Officer.

Should Planning Permission be granted the proposed new dwellings should be designed using the Passivhaus Planning Package.

Proposed by Cllr. Kings, seconded by Cllr. Gilbert and agreed.



21/00519/FULL – APP/M2270/W/21/3287392

Land off Angley Road Cranbrook

Proposed development of 35 residential units with associated garaging and parking and infrastructure including off site highway improvement works and a replacement pre-school children’s daycare nursery facility with associated car parking.

The Parish Council considered that no further comments regarding this appeal were necessary.


Update to the Kent Mineral Site Plan 2020 – details attached – The Parish Council commented that there should be a waste sorting site to the East end of the Borough.


The Clerk read out the decisions received from Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.


None reported.

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