Declaration of Interests, Dispensations and Predetermination:

Members are required to declare any interests, dispensations or predetermination on items on this agenda. Members are reminded that changes to the Register of Interests should be notified to the Clerk.

Present:  Cllr. Bunyan (Chairman), Cllrs. Hatcher, Kings, Somers and Gilbert

Apologies:  Cllr. Swenson



Cornhall House High Street Cranbrook Kent TN17 3DT

Listed Building Consent – To enclose existing open porch area with black heritage steel replacement aluminium single door & two sidelights

The Parish Council recommended APPROVAL proposed by Cllr. Kings, seconded by Cllr. Bunyan and agreed.


Snowfields Academy Cranbrook Angley Road Cranbrook Kent TN17 2PJ

Demolition of a part single storey/part double storey teaching block.  New parking area with drop off zone. Widen of access roads, new canopy, relocation of existing cycle stands.

The Parish Council recommended REFUSAL for the following reasons:

  • Highway issues as highlighted by KCC Highway comments
  • The Parish Council are also concerned about the unsafe route through the car parks to exit the site
  • The loss of the community asset as the hall could be a usable space
  • Lack of masterplan for the whole site
  • There are alternative areas available on site for additional car parking without demolishing the hall.  There is no justification for the large number of parking spaces
  • In the application for the demolition and rebuilding of the High Weald Academy (17/02797/) there was an undertaking “to offer a comprehensive mix of facilities for the local community. By creating a school complex with a focus on community use, the site will better serve local residents.

No issues previously raised have been address.

If TWBC are minded to approve this application, could the young trees that were relatively recently planted in the area to become new parking, be replanted elsewhere on the site.

Proposed by Cllr. Hatcher, seconded by Cllr. Gilbert and agreed.


Pantiles The Common Sissinghurst Cranbrook Kent TN17 2AD

Single storey rear extension and internal alterations

The Parish Council recommended APPROVAL proposed by Cllr. Somers, seconded by Cllr Hatcher and agreed.


8 Frythe Walk Cranbrook Kent TN17 3BD

Sub-division and extension of dwelling to create 3 no. dwellings

The Parish Council recommended REFUSAL for the following reasons (in spite of the fact that the proposal would be of the size to meet local need):

  • There is no local non-selective secondary school in Cranbrook
  • Few sustainability details. Build standard should be better than Building Regulation Requirements
  • Increase in traffic on Frythe Estate which is already overburdened
  • Concern with utility companies’ ability to supply

Proposed by Cllr. Bunyan, seconded by Cllr. Gilbert and agreed.


Hartley Lands Farm Swattenden Lane Cranbrook Kent TN17 3PS

Hybrid Application: Outline (All matters reserved except access and layout) – Erection of 9 no. residential units; Full application – Creation of a new vehicular access to Swattenden Lane

The Parish Council recommended REFUSAL for the following reasons:

  • Traffic/Access
  • Highways issues
  • Lack of non-selective secondary school in Cranbrook
  • Concern with utility companies’ ability so supply
  • Disappointed in the lack of properly affordable housing
  • No safe pedestrian/transport links to the nearest bus stops. Lack of adequate footpaths.

Proposed by Cllr. Gilbert, seconded by Cllr. Hatcher and agreed.


Tenterden Neighbourhood Plan – Regulation 14 – Consultation

The Committee agreed to forward the Consultation to all Parish Councillors and the NDP Committee for them to make comments.  Cllr. Hatcher agreed to collate responses and forward them on.



23/01821/PN14J Weald Sports Centre Angley Road Cranbrook Kent TN17 2PJ – Prior Notification for installation of PV array (203 no. JAM72S20 460/MR modules mounted on a flat roof). For it prior approval for design and external appearance, in particular the impact of glare on occupiers of neighbouring land.

23/00970/FULL  The Cobbs Hartley Road Cranbrook Kent TN17 3QT Erection of detached chalet bungalow with associated landscaping and parking.


23/01641/FULL  4 Camden Cottages Sissinghurst Road Sissinghurst Cranbrook Kent TN17 2HP

Installation of 12 solar panels to the front roof of property.


 Cranbrook & Sissinghurst Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr. Pethurst attended the meeting to advise the Committee on the advertising work being undertaken regarding the referendum.  He gave examples of posters, flyers and banners all of which included a QR Code.  He requested help to distribute the flyers.  Councillors agreed to liaise directly with Cllr. Pethurst regarding areas which they were willing to distribute.  The Committee expressed gratitude to Cllr. Pethurst and his wife for all their hard work.


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