COVID-19 Symptom-Free Testing in Cranbrook

There are now over 20 symptom-free COVID-19 testing sites in Kent, including in Cranbrook at the Vestry Hall.

Update 10th February 2021:

There is a change to the opening hours of all Asymptomatic Testing sites during this period of adverse weather. Sites will now be closing at 17:00hrs up to and including Sunday 14th February, after which it is anticipated the site will return to normal operating hours.

It is recommended that everyone without symptoms should get tested every 2 weeks, especially if you’re leaving the house for a necessary reason, such as going to work or shopping for essentials. Around 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 have no symptoms, so get tested regularly to make sure you are not unknowingly spreading the virus.

To book a test follow this link COVID-19 Test Appointments Home (

Please note the disabled access is through the side door of Vestry Hall, via the churchyard.

If you are required to queue for your test there is no shelter, so please ensure that you are suitably wrapped up for the weather.

You’ll need to take with you:

*             your mobile phone (with a QR code reader or the NHS app already installed if possible)

*             your booking confirmation

*             proof of identity (photo ID). You can bring proof of address if you do not have photo ID.

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