Cranbrook and Sissinghurst Parish Council wishes to initiate a challenge the Department of Education over the closure of High Weald Academy.

Since the announced closure, 514 people from the 300 square mile catchment area have created a Facebook page sharing their pain and anger over the closure: see ‘Save High Weald Academy’ on Facebook.

It appears that the school will close, so a fresh start will be required.

Any new school needs 150 new students every year to make it viable, and preferably have it run by an Academy Trust so the administration costs are minimised.

Our vision is: A reopened free school, with a new ethos and a new start, with the support of Cranbrook School, to educate both the academic and the vocational, with relevant certificates to give students a strong start in life, either to work locally or go on to higher education.

Co-ordinated community action across the region, in each primary and pre-primary school and parish council is needed to create a compelling argument to put to the Department of Education based on:

  • High Weald was a poor performing school that was not tackled by the Department of Education until it was summarily closed.
  • The slow decline of standards of education and behaviour that caused people to choose other schools.
  • The lack of a forum for parents and the wider community to be involved in the direction of the school
  • The future lack of community cohesion caused by generations of children attending schools out of their neighbourhood.
  • The economic and environmental cost of bussing about 700 children out, every day for the next few generations.
  • The under-utilisation of the new school buildings, built for 1,050 pupils, now planned for about 100 pupils.

The affected parishes are believed to be: (there may be more)

Cranbrook                                                    Hawkhurst

Sissinghurst                                                 Sandhurst

Colliers Green                                              Frittenden

Goudhurst and Kilndown                             Rolvenden

Lamberhurst                                                Staplehurst

Horsmonden                                                Headcorn


Can YOU be the local catalyst who can pull together the local information, and if necessary be the local spokesperson? Would you support a local co-ordinator?

Please email:  with your offer, and discuss with your friends, other parents, grandparents and organisations as this will need people power and strong arguments to change the Department of Education’s mind.  We will then co-ordinate local groups to gather the information we need.

Many thanks

Cllr Kim Fletcher

Chairman, Cranbrook and Sissinghurst Parish Council

Map showing lack of secondary schools when High Weald is shut
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