PRESENT: Cllr. Gilbert (in the Chair), Cllrs. Bunyan, Fermor (in part), Fletcher (in part) and Kings. Parish Warden – Ivor Hatcher.

APOLOGIES: Cllr. Waters

Declaration of Interests, Dispensations and Predetermination:

Members are required to declare any interests, dispensations or predetermination on items on this agenda in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct. Members are reminded that changes to the Register of Interests should be notified to the Clerk.

1/21: Election of Vice Chairman.

Cllr. Bunyan nominated Cllr. Kings to take the position of Vice Chairman, this was seconded by Cllr. Gilbert and agreed.

2/21: Amendments to Burial Grounds Rules and Regulations

The following text was suggested to include in the Regulations of the Cranbrook & Sissinghurst Burial Board:

Purchase and Reservation of Graves and Ashes Plots

Cranbrook and Sissinghurst Parish Council will only reserve plots in the following instances:

  1. When an interment is booked following the death of one spouse/partner an adjacent plot can be offered to the other spouse/partner for reservation (at costs current at that time).
  2. When an interment is booked following the death of a child, an adjacent plot or plots can be offered to one or two parents for reservation (at costs current at that time).
  3. When an ashes interment is carried out an adjacent plot can be booked (at costs current at that time)

No other pre-purchase or reservation is permitted.

Cllr. Fletcher proposed that the suggested wording be adopted, seconded by Cllr Gilbert and agreed.

It was suggested that securing land for future burial ground sites should take place.

3/21: Quote for Security Alarm – Vestry Hall Complex:

Cllr. Kings proposed accepting the quote of £1380 + VAT from Kent Alarms, seconded by Cllr. Gilbert and agreed.

4/21: Allocation of Sites for Responsibility:

The allocated areas of responsibility were agreed as follows:

Cllr. Gilbert                 Vestry Hall Complex

Cllr. Rampling            Sissinghurst Cemetery and War Memorial

Cllr. Waters                 Golford Cemetery

Cllr. Bunyan               Angley Cottage

Cllr. Kings                  Noticeboards/Shelters/Benches/Cycle Racks/Red Telephone Kiosks and Cranbrook War Memorial.

Cllr. Fletcher               Tanyard Dental Surgery and Crane Lane Public Toilet Building.

Cllr. Gilbert                 St. Dunstan’s Churchyard

5/21: Issues from Inspections:

a) Disabled Signage for St Dunstan’s:

St Dunstan’s Church has requested permission to install some permanent signage for disabled visitors to St Dunstan’s in three places in the churchyard (location map has been provided). Cllr Fletcher proposed that it be agreed in principle, full permission would be granted following submission of the proposed design, size and materials. This was seconded by Cllr. Gilbert and agreed.

The Parish Warden reported that the signs reminding dog walkers to keep their dogs on leads at the three entrances to the churchyard had disappeared. Cllr Gilbert proposed obtaining a quote for replacement signs from Iden Signs, seconded by Cllr. Bunyan and agreed.

b) Use of weed killer in cemeteries:

The Parish Warden will communicate with the ground’s contractors and remind them to use weedkiller carefully in future.

c) Sissinghurst Cemetery Tree Planting Project:

Part of the project included opening up the view to north from the cemetery. Cllr Fermor highlighted two fir trees to the right of an oak, and three to the left. Quotes to be obtained to remove all five at once, or in stages. The quote could be combined with the other tree works required within the parish. It was recommended checking if the trees are in a conservation area, and if any permission should be sought before removal.

Cllr. Bunyan commented on what a good job the contractors had done keeping the hedge trimmed, and that they should be congratulated for their efforts.

6/21: Items for Information:  

During the site visit at Golford it was noted that the chapel roof required some attention. Tiles have slipped and ridge tiles moved. The Parish Warden pointed out that the bell in the chapel needed repairing. Tony Blunt had carried out previous roof and bell repairs. Cllr Bunyan recommended he be contacted to assess the work and provide a quote.

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