Wednesday 26th April



For residents of Cranbrook and Sissinghurst will be held

On WEDNESDAY 26th APRIL 2023 at 7:00pm

In the Parish Rooms, Sissinghurst


  1. Welcome by the Chair: Cllr. Kim Fletcher
  2. To receive Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 27th April 2022 for signature
  3. Presentation of KALC Community Award
  4. Introductions from Local Organisations
    • Sissinghurst Flower Show Society
    • Friends of Sissinghurst School
    • St Georges Institute
    • Friends of Sissinghurst Church
    • Cornwallis Trust
    • Bun Penny Club
    • Trinity Café

5. To receive reports from Committee Chairmen:

    • Chairman of Policy & Resources                                           Cllr. Garry Pethurst
    • Chairman of Properties & Burial Grounds                         Cllr. Colin Gilbert
    • Chairman of Environmental Management                         Cllr. Alan Kings
    • Chairman of Planning & Preservation Management        Cllr. Alison Bunyan
    • Chairman of Neighbourhood Plan                                       Cllr. Garry Pethurst
    • Chairman of Community Development                              Cllr. Lee Hatcher

6. Open Forum to ask questions of Cranbrook and Sissinghurst Parish Council



Cllr. Kim Fletcher

Chairman, Cranbrook and Sissinghurst Parish Council

Date: 18th April 2023


Members of the Press are also cordially invited to attend.

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