Minutes of a Meeting of the Neighbourhood Development Planning Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 5th October at 7.30pm in the Council Chamber

Present – Clare Tester (High Weald AONB Unit), Liz Daley, Emma Wood, Jo Outram, David Cook, Nancy Warne, Matt Hartley, Tim  Kemp

Apologies –  Alison Bunyan  John Smith

CT explained the role of the HW unit and her job

The unit is a joint committee representing 15 LPAs

It provides advice to NDP authors and mapping information

In her view Hawkhurst has a very good NDP

She recommends a ‘landscape’ based approach to NDP drawing, and ‘mapping is the key’

She confirmed that she will provide assistance to our NDP group

The unit has digital versions of old tythe maps, which have detail not necessarily present in OS

Hawkhurst’s plan has no site allocations, which she considers an abrogation of responsibility by the NDP committee there

The 2000 parish map (plus audio material) should be examined by NDP committee

Kent and Borough archives are a good source of information

IT and other resources for mapping should be procured by NDP group to handle mapping data

CT has not seen examples of NDPs as ‘masterplans’

Exeter St Davids seen as good example of NDP delivery

CT says it is essential to work closely with the LPA

NDP committee should prepare recommendation, to full PC on matter of consultant and cost, for decision

Agree to get copy of consultant proposals to LD for appraisal and feedback

Hawkhurst and Paddock Wood NDP data to be obtained for examination

CT recommended ‘code of conduct’ for NDP committee to avoid arguments and other pitfalls

Next Meeting Wednesday 2nd November at 7.30pm Council Chamber

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