Minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee held on Monday June 27 2016.

Present: Cllrs Tim Kemp (chairman), Alison Bunyan, David Cook, Nancy Warne and Trisha Fermor (minute taker).

Apologies for absence: Cllr John Smith.

  1. Election of Vice Chairmen: Cllr Kemp nominated Nancy Warne for the Cranbrook area and it was reported that Cllr John Smith had agreed to be vice chairman for Sissinghurst. Cllr Bunyan, supported by Cllrs Cook and Fermor, was concerned that there would be two separate people but after a short debate Cllr Kemp nominated John Smith and Nancy Warne as joint vice chairs and this was unanimously agreed. Cllr Kemp added that he would like Cllr Mathew Hartley to join the committee and Cllr Cook recommended the statutory practice of this proposal being put to full council and this was seconded by Cllr Cook and agreed as Cllr Hartley had failed to put his name down for the committee in time.
  2. Meetings: It was agreed that NP meetings would be held on the first Wednesday in the month.
  3. Designation: It was unanimously agreed that a three month deadline be put on designation.
  4. There was concern that the names and emails of people which were written down in a book by Cllr Linda Hall at a public meeting had not been handed to the council. It was council property and should be returned to the council. Cllr Fermor said the use of the information without people’s consent would be against the Data Protection Act. A letter had been sent to Cllr Hall formally requesting the record of contact details be handed over to the Clerk. Cllr Bunyan said Cllr Hall should not keep hold of it as this was illegal.
  • Invitees: Cllr Kemp said emails should be sent to potential delegates to join the committee. They would be interviewed by himself and other committee members. This could take place by the end of July. Cllr Cook would be responsible for booking a meeting venue.
  • Consultants: Cllr Kemp also mentioned potential consultants. He was due to be in touch with Richard Eastham of Feria Urbanism. H.AT. Architects in Sussex were interested in urban design. Cllr Kemp would like to speak to them in July to set up meetings with candidates. Mr Eastham had done the Hawkhurst, Staplehurst and Loose plans.  Cllr Cook suggested the parish council contact Hawkhurst to see if the company had come up to expectations. Cllr Bunyan wondered if the NP projects might “go by the board” if the Brexit referendum was successful and Cllr Cook queried what it would do to proposed development of the Cranbrook Engineering site.
  • Involvement: Cllr Kemp said it was important to involve schools and businesses in the NP. They should be asked for their views and ideas. A letter should go be drawn up for all the schools to be sent out in the second week of September.
  • Conservation Area Management Plan: Cllr Kemp suggested contacting Peter Mellor with regard to Sissinghurst while Peter Allan could be approached with regard to Cranbrook. Cllr Kemp would pursue this.
  • Grant Costs: Cllr Cook would pursue the possibility of a grant from the Department of Communities and Local Government which was headed by our local MP Greg Clarke.
  • Crane Valley Land Trust: Cllr Kemp reported that the application was under way.
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