NDP Steering Group Date: 2nd November 2016 Location: PC Chambers
Attendees Role   Attendees Role
Matthew Warne (MW)     Liz Daley (LD)  
Nancy Warne (NW) Chair – Parish Cllr   Emma Wood (EW)  
Annie Hatcher (AH)     Alison Bunyan (AB) Parish Cllr
Lee Hatcher (LH)     Tally Wade (TW)  
Tim Kemp (TK)  Vice Chair – Parish Cllr   John Wotton (JW)  
Robin Thompson (RT)     John Smith (JS) Vice Chair – Parish Cllr
David Cook (DC) Parish Cllr   Matt Hartley (MH) (Apologies)
Sally Marsh (SM)        


Discussion Point Related Action
Review of Draft Terms of Reference (TOR) Reviewed the terms and statementsPara. 6 (f): Changed to 4 committee members necessary for a QuorumPara. 6 (e): Agenda to be released 3 days before the meeting. 7 days’ notice required of a meeting.Para 3 2nd bullet: Addition of “…and appoint a suitable consultant.”         Proposed TK 2nd DC Unanimously carried   001
Governance All members to abide by the Parish Council Code of Conduct to include a statement of any interests that may possibly create an apparent conflict of interest.That the committee acts as a proxy for the Parish Council to create the NDPThat, given the size and complexity of the undertaking, that Clerking or Secretarial services are required to ensure the momentum and governance of the projectThat the NDP Committee make every effort to bring in people from under-represented groups. One position in the committee to be held open at this stage.The Committee to be made up of the following people,Nancy Warne (NW) ChairTim Kemp (TK) – Vice Chair for CranbrookJohn Smith (JS) – Vice Chair for SissinghurstMatt Hartley (MH)David Cook (DC)Lee Hatcher (LH)Annie Hatcher (AH)Liz Daley (LD)Emma Wood (EW) – Business LiaisonTally Wade (TW) – CommunicationsMatthew Warne (MW) – TreasurerVacancy           002   Proposed JS 2nd DC Unanimously carried   003
Funding   Current Agreed Funding:CSPC – £7,500   Available FundingGovernment Grant £9,000CSPC – £32,500 over 2 years   Most of this funding would be consumed by the appointment of a suitable consultant. (See next steps) 004
Next Steps TK to provide NW with a template of scheduled tasks that may be provided to the the three candidate consultants to facilitate comparisons between them.NW to issue an invite to the bidding consultants to present to the committee on either the 21st or the 28th of NovemberJS to email the SoS list to see if more representation can be garnered from Sissinghurst NW and JS to have preliminary and introductory meetings with key members of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council on the 15th November as follows; Other non-CSPC members are invited to attend.Kelvin Hinton (Planning Policy)David Scully (Landscape and Biodiversity)Mark Stevenson (Conservation) 005   006   007   008   009    
Next meeting TBA    


Date Ref Actions Responsible Due Date
Date Ref Actions Responsible Due Date
Due Date Ref Description Owner Closed
21/11/16 001 CSPC to ratify Terms of Reference NW, TK, DC, JS, MH  
21/11/16 002 CSPC to ratify Committee members NW, TK, DC, JS, MH  
21/11/16 003 CSPC to ratify 2-year funding NW, TK, DC, JS, MH  
21/11/16 004 CSPC to provide Clerking services NW, TK, DC, JS, MH  
7/11/16 005 Procurement template to NW TK  
21/11/16 006 Issue invite to prospective consultants NW  
21/11/16 007 Issue invitation for another Sissinghurst member JS  
15/11/16 008 Preliminary meetings with TWBC NW, JS  
11/11/16 009 Non-CSPC member to join TWBC meeting AH, LH, LD, EW. TW. MW  
Due Date Ref Description Owner Closed


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