Minutes of a Meeting of the Neighbourhood Development Plan Committee held at 6.30pm on Thursday 15th September 2016 in the Addison VC Room

Present:  Cllrs Bunyan, Cook (later), Hartley, Kemp (Chair) & Warne

Apologies: Cllr Smith

The minutes from the meeting held 2.9.16 were approved.

Review of the Consultants presentations to Full Council on 8.9.16:

– Comparison of costs

In order to get a comparison of costs Cllr Kemp had given Angela Koch a breakdown of tasks and hours, such as that used by Feria Urbanism, but with his figures removed for her to include her anticipated prices.

The estimated totals could then be compared with £56,750 for Imagine Places (Angela’s £38k plus assistants) and £35,000 plus VAT plus reasonable expenses for the Feria Urbanism team.

Angela’s daily rate £100 more than Richard Eastham.

Cllr Cook joined the meeting at 6.47pm

He was briefed by Cllr Kemp, as he had unfortunately missed the presentations last week.

– Comparison of approach and results

From Angela Koch’s CV it is clear that she been formative in setting out the best practice for delivery of NDPs, and has impressive track record.  Her approach is innovative and enables the establishment of collaborative relationships within a community.   This is achieved through close working with different groups to reach an understanding of the community and it’s needs.

Feria Urbanism appears to offer a most assured package from their presentation and having had the advantage of experience locally, and having been seen in action by councillors at Paddock Wood, Staplehurst & Hawkhurst.  Cllr Warne having been impressed by the level of community engagement at Paddock Wood.

Both high level and very good.

Cllr Hartley stated that he was underwhelmed by Staplehurst plan:  criticisms included poor graphical content and the inclusion of more cul-de-sac housing.  He favoured Angela Koch as being top notch and it would be worth tailoring her service to suit our budget.

Cllr Warne liked Angela for her understanding of people and her imaginative approach.

Cllr Kemp suggested that it might be worth asking her to reconsider her pricing based on non-London weighting rates.

Cllr Hartley willing to offer additional professional help if deemed necessary.

Cllr Kemp had been advised by Angela that it would be wise to appoint the public element to the committee in order for them to be part of the decision-making on the consultant’s appointment.

Cllr Cook felt it would be better if members of the committee could see Angela in action, in order to make a fairer comparison.  Cllr Kemp informed the committee that there is an opportunity to see her present to St.Albans tomorrow evening (16th September).  He would try and attend.

Cllr Kemp stressed the importance of producing a robust and well-produced Neighbourhood Development Plan and hoped that the Full Council would support the investment.  Cllr Cook pointed out the any choice would have to be approved by the Policy and Resources Committee first.


To delay appointment until further research is carried out and the public arm of committee complete.


  1.  Cllr Kemp to ask Cllr Smith to go through the list of names given at 30.4.16 public meeting to offer his suggestions for a Sissinghurst committee member.
  2.  Cllrs Kemp & Warne to approach those from suggested list for Cranbrook.
  3.  Cllr Kemp to find opportunities to see Angela Koch in action.
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