HELD ON 2nd MAY 2023

Declaration of Interests, Dispensations and Predetermination:

Members are required to declare any interests, dispensations or predetermination on items on this agenda. Members are reminded that changes to the Register of Interests should be notified to the Clerk.

Present:  Cllr. Bunyan (Chairman), Cllrs. Hatcher, Kings, Somers and Gilbert



Gatehouse Oast Sissinghurst Road Sissinghurst Cranbrook Kent TN17 2JA

Proposed dormer window to rear elevation to replace 2 Velux roof windows

The Parish Council recommended APPROVAL proposed by Cllr. Kings, seconded by Cllr. Gilbert and agreed.


Snowfields Academy Cranbrook Angley Road Cranbrook Kent TN17 2PJ

Demolition of a part single storey/part double storey teaching block. New parking area with drop of zone, widening of access roads, new canopy, relocation of existing cycle stands.

The Committee agreed to defer this decision until the next meeting.


Four Wents Farmhouse Goudhurst Road Cranbrook Kent TNB17 2QD

Removal of unstable porch structure and installation of felt and batten temporary weathering, removal of damaged brickwork, studwork and bricks from southern flank wall to enable installation of temporary propping.  Removal of internal displaced and loose lathe and plaster finishes, lifting of 3No. hardwood floorboards to facilitate laying of spreader plate for propping.  Excavation of a shallow trench along damaged wall to facilitate laying of spreader plate for propping. Construction of insulation enclosure around temporary works (works partly carried out).

The Parish Council recommended APPROVAL subject to the views of the Conservation Officer.  Proposed by Cllr. Bunyan seconded by Cllr. Gilbert and agreed.


5 Oaklands Cranbrook Kent TN17 3BG

Erection of single storey ground floor extension

The Parish Council recommended APPROVAL proposed by Cllr. Somers, seconded by Cllr. Kings and agreed.


Mylkehouse Chapel Lane Sissinghurst Kent TN17 2JN

Variation of Condition 2 & 3 of Planning Permission 22/00540/FULL (alterations and additions comprising of: Additional entrance porch and associated works, first floor addition over existing ground floor. Conversion of garage to annex, internal changes resulting in changes to the fenestration) – Addition of skylight, revised entrance with reduced height, fenestration


The Parish Council recommended APPROVAL subject to the annex remaining ancillary to the main dwelling.  Proposed by Cllr. Gilbert seconded by Cllr. Somers and agreed.  The Committee were particularly appreciative that the variations had been highlighted.


None received.



23/00557/FULL 6 Milkhouse Cottages Sissinghurst Kent TN17 2JT.  Single storey front and rear extensions

23/00326/FULL Ropemakers Barn The Street Sissinghurst Kent TN17 2JJ

Demolition of modern conservatory and replacement with single storey extension to south elevation together with changes to the fenestration

23/00327/FULL Ropemakers Barn The Street Sissinghurst Kent TN17 2JJ

Demolition of modern conservatory and replacement with single storey extension to south & west elevations with ridge roof window and changes to the fenestration


St. George’s Institute The Street Sissinghurst – 21/031914/FULL

Cllr. Bunyan had made notes regarding the conditions relating to the above application.  As the conditions had not yet been discharged by Tunbridge Wells Planning Authority, it was agreed to forward the comments on to the Planning Officer dealing with this application as below:

23/00459  The designers of the village hall would prefer dark grey windows and doors, fascias to be painted black.

23/004005 Steps to the public footpath are shown.  This should be a gently sloping ramp to enable use by pushchair, wheelchairs and disabled persons.

23/00600  Landscape and Ecological Management.  Where hedges are to be enhanced, stripping a 1m wide strip of grass seems excessive.  All hedges should be cut annually, particularly those that will have been enhanced.  The developer has undertaken to keep the roadside hedge to the existing height.  All the other hedges within the Jubilee field and the hedge between the tennis courts and the development site will be cut – top and sides – every year, for ever – by the management company as agreed with Fernham Homes.

23/00480  Cycle Store.  Is a plastic box what is grandly called a cycle store?

23/00612  Site Safety etc.  Site workers should use the onsite toilet facilities and should be discouraged from using the public toilets – to keep them clean of mud and other dirt.

Demolition of St George’s.  No mention of how or if materials from the hall will be recycled.  Materials should be recycled.

It is suggested that parking will be provided on site for a few vehicles.  That presumably means that most of those employed there will park elsewhere.  There should be a condition that the contractor should find alternative off road parking.  Congestion in Sissinghurst is already at unacceptable levels.

Delivery and collection – vehicles should not use Common Road.  They should come from the roundabout and along the A262.

There are two other sites being developed in Common Road – Carpenters Meadow and Cobnut Close.  There is also an extension being built on a house opposite the access to St George’s.  This may be finished before works start on St George’s site.

23/00342  Access during works.  The condition says that the existing access should not be closed until new access is provided or unless alternative routes are provided.  The suggestion that the small kissing gate at the far end of the field is suitable for pedestrians, prams, disabled and wheelchairs is not correct.  Not only is it impossible to get through it for many, it has an uneven surface with a step, is frequently muddy and water logged, it is a long way for anyone using the playground to go, to use the toilets.  Another and far better option would be to install a gate between the WCs and the bus shelter in place of the metal fences that are currently there. The gap is 1550mm which is plenty wide enough for a wheelchair, a double buggy and the surface is concrete.  Mrs Egan’s right of way has yet to be agreed.

S106.  It is disappointing to see that the £88,198 allocated to Primary Education is for Cranbrook Primary.  Sissinghurst CofE Primary School is in need of at least one extra classroom.  This is particularly important so that the children that will be living in Sissinghurst’s approximately 130 new homes, will be able to go to the school – on foot.  This should be changed and allocated to Sissinghurst School.

The allocation of £86,260 for secondary education is going to Tunbridge Wells Boys Grammar!  Pity our local non selective school has been taken away from the community.

It is noted that the surface of the right of way access that was used by the company felling the trees has been damaged.  Lumps of concrete have sunk, risen and been broken.  Presumably the vehicles being used were too heavy for the surface and certainly heavier than was envisaged when the right of way was agreed.   This route should not be used.

It should be noted that Sissinghurst and the Parish Council will resist the painting of double yellow lines.  Should they unsuccessful, conservation area lines – narrow and primrose should be used.  Also, Fernham Homes have agreed that if yellow lines are installed, they will allow access to the rear of the gardens Oliver’s Cottages.

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