Cranbrook Goes Virtual Nuts in May

The winner of the Cranbrook Goes Virtual Nuts in May 2020 Busy Bee Competition is Violet Venn-Novissimo.   Her artwork was chosen by the Mayor of Tunbridge Wells, Cllr James Scholes, after he had considered all the entries sent to him by email.   He said, “We found it difficult to choose as all of them were very good and imaginative, however this is the one we thought worthy of first place.”

Violet is 7 years old and during lockdown she has spent an hour each week over Zoom with an aunt exploring art history, techniques and just messing around. When the competition was suggested to her as a great subject for one of their times together, she wanted to make a happy bee as her younger brother doesn’t like them and she wanted to show him that they are nice really! She knows all about bees and their importance in the garden and so they looked at pictures of bees for inspiration. Once she’d drawn the bee, they talked about what the bee might say to her and she came up with the snazzy message! Then she added the rainbow and declared that she would now put it in the window at home to support the NHS! 

Cranbrook Goes Nuts in May is an annual street festival that started in 2017 and takes place in Cranbrook High Street.   It celebrates everything that grows and what can be done with it, and exhibitors have displayed everything from a variety of foods, plants, decorative and practical garden items – in fact anything that has its origin in growth.   Visitor numbers have been between 3-4,000 each year and in 2020 we have tried to reach as many as possible via a social media campaign for our virtual festival.   If it’s up to us, we’ll be back on the High Street in 2021!

Cranbrook Goes Nuts in May is run under the auspices of Cranbrook in Bloom and in association with the Chelsea Fringe Festival.

Contact: Gwenneth Heyking, Cranbrook Goes Nuts in May:  07721 672348

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