Burst Water Pipes? What to do in an Emergency…

As the snow and ice starts to melt over the coming days it may uncover some unwelcome surprises in the home.

A change in the weather can result in frozen taps and pipes at home leaking or bursting so South East Water has released it’s top tips of what you should do if you have a water related emergency at home.

If your pipes have burst

  1. Turn off your stop tap
  2. Turn off electrics at the fuse box if water is leaking near any electrical appliances
  3. Open all taps to drain the system quickly
  4. Soak up/block off escaping water with thick towels
  5. Call a qualified plumber. To find your nearest WaterSafe accredited plumber visit  
  6. If water has leaked near your electrics or into any electrical appliances, switch them off at the mains
  7. Turn off taps once the pipework is repaired to avoid further flooding

 If your pipes have frozen

  1. Turn off the water supply at the stop tap
  2. Slowly thaw the pipe with a warm towel (we recommend using your tumble dryer or soaking them in warm water) or a hairdryer, starting at the end nearest to the tap. Never use a naked flame or blowtorch

South East Water has more advice, as well as details of how to keep homes nice and toasty and protected from the cold on its website:

You can also sign up to be on the company’s Priority Services Register which can help you, your family or friends with additional support when you need it most.

Support ranges from receiving prior warning of planned work which may interrupt your water supply, receiving priority treatment if your water supply is interrupted to receiving alternative heating and cooking facilities to your door in a gas or electric emergency.

Plus much more.

To sign up visit: or call: 0333 000 2468

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