Virtual Flower Show


Due to the fast changing health situation it has been decided that it would not be prudent to hold the spring flower show at the school this year.  Instead, we invite you to join in at home with our Virtual Flower Show by photographing your entries and emailing them to us.

The classes will be as follows:

  1. A Daffodil or Daffodils
  2. 3 Tulips
  3. 1 Camellia
  4. A collection of spring flowers in a jam jar
  5. A cactus or flowering pot plant
  6. Spring bulbs competition (using bulbs purchased at Autumn show)
  7. Any vegetable from your garden
  8. Flower arrangement – An Exhibit in a Cup and Saucer
  9. Cookery – best decorated Chocolate Cake
  10. Photography – An Old House

Childrens’ classes:

  1. 3 cupcakes decorated for Spring
  2. A decorated hard boiled egg

Photos of your entries should be emailed to by 10.30am on Saturday 28th March.  They will all be uploaded to the website by the afternoon with informally judged winners.  No trophies or prizes will be awarded.  Children’s entries should include name, class and age.  Free entry for all.


Enter from your comfort of your own home!